What We Do

We host websites on high speed dedicated servers. We have professionally managed servers with friendly support. What happened to the old blue globie.com website?

How Do I Get Hosting?

Here's the catch.

We're not some huge corporation, however we have been developing and hosting websites for over 10 years. With that experience, we prefer to know our customers by name, run a profitable business, and help others get affordable web hosting.

In order to keep our servers fast (and not overloaded with websites) and our customers happy (we try to answer email within hours, not days), we only offer hosting to our web design clients.

There are a few ways to get hosting here:

If none of those situations fit you, we highly recommend LunarPages webhosting for your general hosting needs.

What's This Space Down Here For?

I guess it doesn't really serve a purpose. You probably could put a picture of a robotman here or something. Oh look, here comes one now:

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